Why You Should Not Be Pushed To Buy A House?

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Human society is varied. There are nice people and not-so-nice people; but most will be in-between. Hence when they push you to buy a house, or ask “oh, you still don’t have your own house?” , they don’t mean to be rude. It is your own job to take the good with the bad and not to be pressured to buy a house; but it is not a reason to delay in buying a house, either.

Is it time?

Well, the world order is that buying a house when you are married. It, in a way signals that you are now ready to start a family; on another note it could be showing the world that you are independent and ready to be a separate unit now. However, what a step as such signifies to others is less important than what it is worth to you. Similarly, moving to a house or buying a new one should be done in your own sweet time. You must feel like this is the right time to do it rather than someone else, family or friends, pushing you. It is prudent to keepin touch with a mortgage advisor to know of significant interest rate decreases or special bank offers so you can decide to start a process of buying the house when you are ready.

Life plans

Apart from getting marries have you thought about other plans of life? Such as, if your job is unsteady to be based on a single area for example; if you are prone to transfers, especially which sometimes comes with promotions, tying yourself down to one place can be a disadvantage. The rule of thumb is buying or building a house so that a minimum five years can be lived there; a house comes with many responsibilities as well, you have to pay the loan or mortgage, have to maintain it and pay relevant taxes. However trivial these amounts are, when it comes to taxes and maintenance, a certain portion of your revenue will have to be dedicated for them.

Are you qualified?

Not to be qualified to buy a house, but are you qualified to commit to a mortgage plan? Such a financial scheme will span over a decade or more, not less. Consider your revenue, monthly salary, any other investments, if your spouse chips in with their income then, that. Then, what about your expenses? Car payments, any other loan you have like student loans etc.? Do you plan to embark on higher studies? Buy another vehicle? Have kids? All these must be pondered over and a wise decision must be made. You can talk to the best home loan brokers Melbourne to get some inside knowledge on how things work. Nevertheless, just because you are qualified to take a mortgage, taking that might not be the most prudent thing to do, either.