Why Is Having A Bachelorette Party So Important?

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There are many different traditions and cultures that surround marriage in different parts of the world and something that we might all know about is throwing a bachelor party and a bachelorette party. A bachelorette party or a hens night simply consists of the best friends and family of the bride to be and together, they celebrate one epic night of fun, games and drinks! This is a long standing tradition in the world that is celebrated and accepted by so many people in the world and it is usually the maid of honors job to arrange it for the bride. You might wonder why it is really necessary to throw a hens night or a bachelorette party for the bride and your friends when you can simply hang out in a small intimate place together and enjoy a quite dinner. Even though a hens party might seem a little over the top and extra, is still one of the most important things you can do for your bride!

You are celebrating your old chapter

Before a person gets married, the main support system and the main people in her life would naturally be her close friends and family. Though there is a popular misconception saying that a hens night is just a way of showing how sad someone is about getting in to a commitment but this is not the truth. A great hens night that includes a lot of fun with silent disco events or even a party on a boat, is a way of appreciating your old chapter one last time before you move ahead on to something brand new!

Relaxation before the wedding

While a hens night is the perfect way to remember your roots and honor something old, it is also the best way to forget about the madness that usually follows a wedding planning process. With games for hens night and company of your closest loved ones, you are able to get your mind off planning your wedding. This is great especially if the bride is having a hard time due to the stress of it all so a wild night of fun is exactly what she needs to relax and forget stress!

More memories and good times

It is true if we say that the best moments and times in our lives were made with our best friends right behind us all the time. So right before you embark on a new journey with your spouse, it is only right to make some more great memories with the people you will always love the most.