Tips For Small Bathroom Ideas That May Work

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There are a lot of people that can be seen undergoing bathroom renovations, however, being a seller of bathroom products, we come across a lot of people that face challenges for renovation of small bathroom designs. Bathroom designing can be quiet a challenging task, especially for those who have small bathroom spaces. Let’s have a look at some of the examples for small bathroom design ideas that may work for you if you are one of those.

1. Mirror Walls

You may have come across a lot of places and rooms that have various mirrors; this is due to the fact that the space of the room is small which is why mirrors are incorporated in order to make it look bigger. Adding mirrors to the walls can make the space look double and avoid making it feel like a smaller room. Mirrors are also a good source for adding in more light to the room as well.

2. Lose the Tub

If you have a small bathroom along with tub added to it then the first thing you need to get rid of is with the tub as they take almost twice the amount of space. If you are undergoing bathroom renovations Bentleigh, we suggest you to get rid of the tub as it will open up the bathroom space. However, if you have small kids at home, we recommend you to go for the option of lower profile tub.

3. Frameless Glass Tubs

There was a time when shower curtains were in and looked classy, however, let’s be honest, nobody likes them anymore. The reason why they are a hassle is that when you are in the shower, they stick to you and also they are very difficult to clean as well. Visually speaking, curtain showers tend to take up a lot of space as well, therefore, as an alternate, we suggest you to rather opt for the option of frameless glass tubs or glass panels instead.

4. Think Vertical

Small bathroom means less spaces and no storage spaces as well. One has to sacrifice a lot on the storage if they have smaller bathrooms which is why another great option for them to add some storage is to incorporate bathroom cabinets with mirrors on them right above your sink. This way you won’t have to use any space on the floor rather on the wall which will literally have no impact in decreasing any space.

5. Combine Dark Floors with Lighter Walls

If you have a good budget and can easily spend on nice tiles, we recommend you to put your money on the right color coordination of tiles. If you go for an option of dark tiles in the overall bathroom, your space will look darker as well as smaller. Always go for the option of light tiles or a mix and match of both.