Things To Know About Anker

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If you are someone who travels a lot and is a fan of using their smartphones and other devices pretty often, know that an Anker powerport and Anker powerport+ is something that acts as a travel companion to you. When it comes to innovation and technology with regards to charging devices, Anker acts as a global leader. Let’s find out things that you should be knowing about Anker in order to purchase their products more often.

1. Power Delivery

As much as there are a lot of variations and changes in technology, the USB power delivery is a new and one of the fastest ways to charge your devices. Not only has it acted as a charging device for your smartphones but also for other devices such as tablets, gaming systems and laptops as well. When it comes to Anker, they are different than the usual charging products as they are adjusted for providing far more superior compatibility.

2. How many times can Anker Power port charge a device?

When compared to a normal portable charger for batteries, they normally put in around 60 to 70 percent of their capacity to the charging devices where the remaining 30 to 40 percent of them is lost in radiation, cable resistance and voltage conversions. However, when it comes to ravpower portable charger, there’s a simple formula that can be used to calculate the number of times the product can charge your phone.

(Power port battery capacity) x 0.6 ÷ [Your device’s capacity] = Total number of charges

3. Can the power port be taken and used on flight?

Legally, batteries that have a capacity less than 27,027 mAh can be used on flights, however, we still recommend to ask and confirm with the airline you are travelling with before the flight date.

4. Can the Power port be used in different places?

Yes, this is what makes power port a travel companion for people as they can easily be used in any country however, due to the different plus designs of every country, we recommend our users who are travelling around the world to carry with them an adapter.

5. Can these chargers charge and recharge themselves simultaneously?

The process of charging a smartphone or any other device along with charging the power port itself at the same time is known as pass through. Anker power ports do not offer this service of pass through as this was an intentional decision made by the company as it damages the battery cells and increases the overall charging times as well which as a results reduces the battery life of both; the device that is being charged by the power port as well as the power port itself. It is due to this, Anker prefers the conventional mode of charging.