Have You Heard About Epoxy Primer Paint?

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Primer acts as the foundation of the paint job of your vehicles. You must understand the various kinds of primers that are available as well as when and where each of them must be used. This will make sure that you painting job has been built on the solid foundations. Markets offer you great deal of primers ranging from epoxy primer paint, surface primers of high build, self etching primers to the polyester primer of ultra build. We are really proud to serve you all primer you must be needing for having your panels of vehicles block sanded as well as laser straight.


Direct to metal (DTM) primer offers excellent sealing as well as adhesion properties.it is really great for the after paint stripping or media blasting. Epoxy Primer paint can be easily and conveniently used as most suitable foundation for your painting job in case when you are planning or need to prime over body filler, bare metal and even at times of finishing existing sanded. Our proxy primer paint is direct to metal (DTM) that will automatically eradicate the need and requirement of self etch primers. When the primers are thinned by 20%, our primers will provide you by making a good sealer coat too. Note that the epoxy primer paints can also be painted all over. But beside this, it is primed over usually with the build primers like the urethane primers or the polyester primers of ultra high built.

Do you know how to prepare epoxy primer paints?

The blasted surface of the media must be freshly sprayed all over with the epoxy primer. Or for giving proper adhesion, the sanded surface of 180 to 400 Grot should be used.

Are you still thinking over for what to use? Either no paint guns or touchups. Our aerospray cans will give you great experience for the small projects. It is not just confined to this, but also for the touch ups where you might not be willing to drag your guns. You might be refraining from firing up your air compressors. You may reap the benefits of the real double part epoxy irrespective of any mess.

You will realise that epoxy primer paints are perfect for your painting jobs on the enamel finishing or the Existing lacquer. A barrier will be created by the epoxy primer paint for stopping the reactions of topcoats with your existing old paints. Old finish can be sealed away by the epoxy when 2-3 coats of epoxy are applied and 180-440 Grit with existing sand finish.